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van Eyk breakaway consultancy opens doors

An advice-focused consulting start-up established by former van Eyk execs Jonathan Ramsay, Jonathan Tolub and Fil Andronaco has begun trading under the name InvestSense.

The business will provide outsourced investment services including asset allocation advice and manager selection assistance to financial advisers, with spokesperson Jonathan Ramsay suggesting the group seeks to bring greater “balance” to investment advice.


“Unfortunately, the financial services industry often has a tendency to either blind its constituency with science or oversimplify with unrealistic promises, and sometimes does both at the same time,” Mr Ramsay said in a statement.

“We want to strike a balance - as Einstein reputedly said, ‘to make things as simple as possible but no simpler’.

“It is also clear that the industry has picked up a fair amount of clutter over the years and that the perceived ‘best practice’ in portfolio construction, compliance and advice doesn’t always make things easy for advisers or their clients.”

Mr Ramsay said the start-up is already speaking to a number of dealer groups and expects its first client signing in coming weeks.