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Implemented Portfolios hires former BlackRock exec

A former Australian managing director of BlackRock has taken up a full-time position at Implemented Portfolios to head up adviser relationships and distribution.

Implemented Portfolios has announced that former BlackRock executive Adam Seccombe – who has been an IP board member since June – has joined in a full-time executive capacity.

Mr Seccombe – who was instrumental in the Australian launch of BlackRock’s iShares business in 2007 – said that IP’s commitment to “four pillars” of future growth in the financial services industry underlies his attraction to the business, listing the pillars as “individually-managed accounts, asset allocation focus, market exposure held via ETFs, and scalable technology”.

In a statement to ifa, Mr Seccombe said his new employer has the “ability to be one of the more effective challengers to the traditional platform/managed funds models that [he has] seen”.

He said he anticipates the IP business model to be well placed to service advisers demanding greater focus on independent service provision.

“In the current media-frenzied environment, where the brand of financial planning and advice is so scandalised, and where the value-add that Australian savers and investors derive from these professional advice services is so poorly rated, IP is very well placed to help,” Mr Seccombe said.

“Advisers who find themselves looking for a better way to deliver independent quality outcomes may want to look at how IP can help them to improve and modernise the service they bring to investors.

Our approach brings clear benefits to both advisers' businesses and their clients.”