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Netwealth launches new portfolio tools

Netwealth has developed a number of new tools for its platform to assist advisers with back-office efficiency and client engagement.

According to a statement, Netwealth has now fully integrated its SMART system into its platform.

The SMART system is an end-to-end, real-time modelling and rebalancing system which provides advisers, wealth managers and MDA operators with the ability to manage and implement portfolios across large client bases, Netwealth said.


The addition of SMART to the platform means client outcomes can be “highly customised with individual portfolio filters providing automated asset rules including asset exclusions, substitutions and limits", the company said.

Netwealth has also implemented a number of changes to its online portfolio tools which it said will improve client engagement.

This includes a new interface with graphical summaries of all accounts, visual references to asset performance and key information and improved tracking of non-platform held assets.

Clients who hold multiple accounts can now also view an aggregated view of assets which can be sorted depending on their preferences.

Netwealth said it has also overhauled the cash transaction interactive report by adding quick search and sort tools.
The portfolio tools can now be used for mobile tablets as well as desktops.

Netwealth executive director Matt Heine said the “new portfolio functionality provides advisers and clients an enhanced user experience and access to information in a clear, concise and engaging way".

“As a platform we need to focus on ensuring advisers continue to increase their efficiency as well as helping them to navigate the new digital environment where clients are demanding greater access to information in more engaging ways,” he said.