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William Buck sets sights on ‘changing lives’

Non-aligned financial services firm William Buck has announced it is altering the marketing focus of its accounting business to concentrate more on an “emotional proposition”.

In a statement, the firm announced that it will launch a new “brand promise” entitled “changing lives”, which challenges its accountants to “step out of the accounting comfort zone” and focus more on the emotional intelligence aspects of their practice.

"We decided last year that we wanted to distance ourselves from the 'beige' mid-tier accounting syndrome and communicate our human personality to current and future clients and staff," said William Buck chairman Nick Hatzistergos.

"We started with internal research to determine how our staff responded to the promise that we can change lives.

"Looking at real client case studies objectively, we all realised that there were lots of examples of how we had supported, mentored and assisted people in their lives.”

Mr Hatzistergos made clear, however, that this is a change in branding only and that it is “not a complete shift in culture or philosophy” but an “articulation of what we have always done”.