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Online innovation hub for advisers launched

A range of service providers to the advice market has joined forces to launch AdviceInnovation, which aims to provide innovative solutions for Australian financial planning businesses.

Speaking at the launch of the online hub yesterday, AstuteWheel creator Michael Topper said the hub will assist advisers with their businesses by allowing them to easily find industry innovators which can assist them on a range of categories.

“Often innovative products and services are well-kept secrets and until now there hasn’t been a central source or directory for advisers to gain access to them,” Mr Topper said.

“Often this can be attributed to a few factors, including a lack of marketing funds, lack of expertise in promoting the applications, or lack of distribution,” he said.

Mr Topper said businesses may have speakers come in to talk to their advisers about strategies on a range of areas, but many advisers may then not know how to implement them.

Mr Topper also said the hub will cover a variety of categories, all of which aim at assisting advisers with their businesses.

“The idea with this is it needs to be real stuff, it needs to be working, and can be implemented in any business,” he said.

“We have thought of about 25 categories so far, and we have six of those covered, but it is going to be exclusive, so it is going to be someone that is really good in their particular category, and that’s it.”

The hub currently consists of AstuteWheel, The Social Adviser, Complete Client Connection, Now Sorted!, 64 Media and PressDev.