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Provisio makes changes to IFA software

Software provider Provisio Technologies has launched a co-browsing function for its online advice tools, which it says is a “game changer” for client engagement.

Provisio chief executive Jye Tucker said the screen-sharing functionality will introduce a new level of interaction for advice clients, who will be able to request assistance from their adviser in real time.

“Co-browsing shows advice technology is close to reaching its full potential,” Mr Tucker said.


“The potential for more efficient advice delivery is attractive for all advisers, from the larger super funds and institutions who are seeing more interest in scaled advice to the IFA looking to improve the ways they engage with their clients.”

Mr Tucker said the co-browsing function will be able to be initiated by clients, using online advice tools, who wish to discuss with their adviser a strategy they have explored.

Alternatively, an adviser can use the co-browsing function by starting an online session, providing a link to their client so as to give advice over the phone or via Skype.


Mr Tucker said the co-browsing functionality will also make phone and internet-based advice more appealing since advisers can lead clients through different advice scenarios while they view the same screen simultaneously.

“The potential for more efficient advice delivery is attractive to clients, and would support scaled advice,” Mr Tucker said.

“For clients, co-browsing makes online and phone advice more pleasing and easier to follow. It has great potential as an instructional aid.”