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Shartru completes DomaCom crowd funding

Non-aligned dealer group Shartru Wealth has completed the first crowd funding property deal for the DomaCom fractional property fund.

DomaCom said that 30 investors bought into the fund’s first completed book build, noting that some “might otherwise have not afforded an investment property”.

“The beauty of the DomaCom model is that we can offer a diversified portfolio of investment properties to our clients who don’t have to borrow to get into the market, and we can give them the right asset allocation for their circumstances,” said Shartru principal Rob Coyte in a statement.

“They will get a competitive yield on fully tenanted and professionally managed properties and a share of the capital value proportionate to their investment.

“Liquidity is less of a concern in this fund as DomaCom are launching an online secondary market in the coming weeks, so our clients always have an exit strategy if need be.”

DomaCom chief executive Arthur Naoumidis said that with the first crowd funding for private property syndicates completed, additional book builds are underway.


“We look forward to assisting Shartru with their future book builds and introducing advisers to this innovative market,” Mr Naoumidis said.

“This style of property trust should appeal to many advisers. They can take comfort that the DomaCom Fund has no internal debt and a unique liquidity facility that eliminates any chance of the fund freezing.

“It accommodates any type of property in any location and fully supports an adviser’s asset allocation strategy for clients,” he said.