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AFA members reflect on grassroots campaign

The AFA has congratulated its members for individual lobbying efforts aimed at Senate crossbenchers in the lead up to yesterday's failed attempt by Labor to block the government's FOFA amendments.

AFA Inspire chair and board member Deborah Kent told ifa yesterday that the association was proud of the recent efforts of its members and wanted to thank them for their contribution to the political dialogue.

“Our members have taken up this grassroots campaign with gusto,” Ms Kent said. “And they’re still going, pumping out the communications and getting involved in the debate. No matter the outcome [of the FOFA parliamentary debate] our members have played an important role.”

A spokesperson for Palmer United Party Senator Glenn Lazarus reportedly said the office has received “thousands” of phone calls from financial advice community stakeholders in recent days, as did a spokesperson for the office of Democratic Labour Party Senator John Madigan.

AFA members received a communication from chief executive Brad Fox last Thursday 10 July urging them to take up individual lobbying activities.

“[FOFA] disallowance would mean the removal of the key FOFA changes including the solution for grandfathering,” Mr Fox said.

“This means that advisers have only three days to contact Senators to influence their vote. There are five independent Senators and three in the Palmer United Party that will determine the outcome of the FOFA amendments. They need to hear from you on what the amendments will mean.

“We encourage every AFA member to call each of these Senators in their state to request their support for the FOFA amendments.”

The efforts came ahead of a deal eventually struck between the government and the Palmer United Party which will see a number of new "consumer protection measures" introduced.