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Zenith launches suite of retirement products

Zenith Investment Partners has announced the release of six new model portfolios in an effort to meet the lifelong income needs of retirees.

Zenith associate director Ben Davis said that these new options came in response to the growth in the Australian retiree sector and subsequent demand for dedicated portfolios for those people in retirement.

“Retirees will be provided with options to address the requirements of high net worth investors as well as age pension-eligible investors,” said Mr Davis.

Mr Davis also said that they were designed to maximise income and age pension entitlements, protect capital and reduce investment risk.

“Zenith’s Retirement Portfolio Solutions provide advisers the ability to construct dedicated and personalised retirement portfolios within existing compliance and professional indemnity insurance frameworks,” he added.

Mr Davis highlighted that the portfolios are offered with or without the inclusion of an annuity product option, which in turn can potentially “further enhance” pension benefits.


Zenith’s six model portfolios will provide options that include “Retirement Defensive; Retirement Core; Retirement Growth; Annuities + Retirement Defensive; Annuities + Retirement Core; and Annuities + Retirement Growth”.

Mr Davis explained that these models provide a retiree with the potential to optimise pension benefits and achieve greater capital security and income certainty whilst reducing costs at the same time.

“Zenith’s continuing commitment to delivering high quality models, and transparent ‘look through’ portfolio holdings and characteristics reporting to the adviser market, makes the delivery of a specific set of Retirement Models the next logical progression,” said Mr Davis.

“A solution that we believe has not been adequately provided for in the past,” he added.