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Former MFAA president seeks lobbyist unity

A former president of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia has called for greater collaboration between the mortgage broking sector and the financial planning industry associations.

Former MFAA president and Bernie Lewis executive chairman Mark Lewis told ifa the industry groups representing financial planning, mortgage broking and accounting must form deeper relationships to aid the convergence of the professions.

“I think there needs to be some deeper relationships with FPA, AFA and all of the professional groups,” Mr Lewis said.

“There probably needs to be some deeper relationships built with the accounting associations.

“There needs to be some mutual respect between those associations and some communication from each of them out to their own membership that there is convergence starting to happen and the associations are going to start working together to aid that convergence and facilitate it,” he said.

Mr Lewis added that mortgage broking has the biggest challenge, when compared with planning and accounting, in striving to be viewed as a professional industry.