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Markets provide 'unique' advice opportunity: Franklin Templeton

Complexity in global markets is providing a "unique opportunity for advisers", with almost half of all investors looking to get professional advice this year, according to research from Franklin Templeton.

The Franklin Templeton Investor Sentiment Survey 2014 found that 46 per cent of survey respondents were likely to seek professional financial advice in 2014, a small increase from the previous year.

Franklin Templeton head of advisory services Jim McKay said the response highlights “a unique opportunity for advisers”.

“Navigating global markets can be complex and investors can benefit from working with a financial adviser to appropriately position their portfolios to meet their investment goals,” said Mr McKay.

“These survey results underscore the importance of investor education, especially among investors who have not experienced as many market cycles.”

The most common reason cited in the survey for not seeking advice was that investors were “happy with things [as they] are”, with 30 per cent of respondents identifying this as a reason, up from 27 per cent the previous year.

However, only 26 per cent of investors responded by saying they don’t seek advice because they “don’t need it”, down from 33 per cent the previous year.