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MSI launches SIV Government Bond Fund

Macquarie Specialist Investments (MSI) today announced the launch of the Macquarie Significant Investor Visa (SIV) Government Bond Fund.

The fund invests into bonds issued by Australian Commonwealth, state or territorial governments and, importantly, satisfies the $1.5 million Waratah Bond requirement for investors looking for NSW state sponsorship.

“The new Macquarie SIV Government Bond Fund is an innovative offering to the market as it has made it possible for investors looking to migrate to Australia to manage all their SIV investments in one place,” MSI head Jason King said.

“Previously, investors looking to live in NSW were required to apply separately to the government for their $1.5 million Waratah Bond,” he said.

“Now investors can deal solely with MSI to satisfy both their government bond requirement, and at the same time allocate the remaining $3.5 million of the minimum SIV requirement of $5 million across MSI’s suite of compliant SIV funds.”

MSI’s six SIV funds offer investors access to a diverse range of Australia-based asset classes, including cash, fixed interest, listed property, equities and now government bonds.

The funds cater for diverse investor risk/return profiles, with a number of the funds maintaining different investment allocations to the various asset classes.


Additionally, MSI offers SIV candidates the potential to protect and borrow against their investment, including against the Macquarie SIV Government Bond Fund.

“Investors have shown strong interest in our SIV funds to date, with over $200 million either committed or in the pipeline,” Mr King said.

“The new fund demonstrates MSI’s commitment to the SIV program by making it simpler for applicants to manage all of their investments while offering significant choice and flexibility.”