RI Advice launches estate planning program
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RI Advice launches estate planning program

RI Advice Group has launched its online Estate Planning Program to its network of 170 advisers.

The program includes the ‘Estate Planning for Life’ system which identifies estate planning gaps and produces a solicitor’s briefing note.

It also generates an action plan for the family in the event of death or trauma, advising the family on whom they should talk to and which questions they need to ask.

Head of RI Advice Group Darren Whereat said the system will help advisers differentiate their offering from the service that solicitors have traditionally provided.

"This is a proactive strategy to help our advisers expand their client service offers and create a more sustainable business model,” said Mr Whereat.

“Our focus on technology underpins the client engagement model and helps our advisers deliver an enhanced client experience.”

RI Advice launches estate planning program
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