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Super funds recover in February

The Australian super industry increased by 2.2 per cent over February, recovering from an earlier loss in January, according to Morningstar.
All growth super funds in the Morningstar Australian Superannuation Survey generated positive returns in February, ranging from 1.2 per cent to 4 per cent.
The median growth fund improved from a 1.1 per cent decline in January, recording a 2.2 per cent growth in February.
Legg Mason Growth was again the strongest performing growth super fund, generating an 18.5 per cent return. 
This was followed by the Invesco Diversified PST at 16.2 per cent and Rest Diversified at 16.1 per cent. 
In terms of five-year returns, Legg Mason Growth was also the top fund, with a 15.2 per cent return, followed by Legg Mason Balanced at 14.7 per cent and Schroders at 13.4 per cent. 
Among the balanced options (40 per cent to 60 per cent growth assets), the strongest performers were Rest Balanced at 11.8 per cent, AMP Moderate Growth at 10.8 per cent and BT Balanced at 10.6 per cent. 
The survey also showed that all growth assets produced positive results in February.
Australian shares rose 4.92 per cent over the month while international shares generated a return of 2.3 per cent. 
Consumer discretionary was the best performing sector in the Australian share market, generating a return of 6.7 per cent.
This was followed by information technology at 6.3 per cent and the energy sector at 5.7 per cent. 
Australian small companies were the best performing asset, however, generating a return of five per cent. 
International small companies have provided the stand-out performance in the past 12 months, generating a 46.4 per cent return, followed by international shares at 40.4 per cent and global listed infrastructure at 17.2 per cent.