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Education group launches Women Know Risk Week

Community education program, the Know Risk Network is launching Women Know Risk Week to help raise community awareness of the key financial risks women face.
The network’s online risk tool, created after the 2009 Victorian bushfires, allows women to go through a risk checklist, take action to manage risk and store insurance policies with the Insurance Tracker phone app.
The Know Risk Network said the average Australian woman earns almost 20 per cent less and will retire with less money than their male counterpart.
“We are launching Women know Risk Week for one key reason: Women face unique and very significant risks in so many areas of life that men often just don’t need to worry about,” the Know Risk Network said.
“Women Know Risk Week is about giving women a one-stop shop for information and tools on the risk they face and how they can help to reduce those risks.”
Women Know Risk Week will be held from March 10-16, following on from International Women’s Day on March 8.