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AFA inspires change in financial advice

The Association of Financial Advisers (AFA) Inspire (AFA Inspire) initiative is throwing its support behind International Women’s Day this weekend to encourage women in the wider community to seek financial advice.

AFA Inspire chair Deborah Kent said the International Women’s Day theme Inspiring Change holds a very special place for the women involved with

AFA Inspire as it fits with AFA Inspire’s goal to bring about change in the world of financial advice.

“Statistics remind us that women generally have less in retirement savings than their male counterparts and this, coupled with our longevity, is a recipe for financial stress in later life,” Ms Kent said.

AFA Inspire is encouraging women to review their plans for retirement now, even if it is still many years away, Ms Kent said.

“We have seen female financial advisers - like those on the AFA Inspire Committee - who have shown tremendous leadership in developing their financial advice offering,” she said.

“They are educating women that retirement is about more than just the numbers. It is about ensuring they are educated about their financial future.”


The AFA Inspire initiative was launched last year to connect women in advice, to encourage more women to choose financial advice as a career path and to encourage more women to take control of their financial future.