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AltaVista Research upgrades ETF offering

Exchange-traded fund specialist research house AltaVista has upgraded its suite of ETF-only strategic asset allocation model portfolios. 

The SAA Model Portfolio menu is now delivered via two product streams which address a wider range of client investment needs and type profiles.

“Perhaps unlike other ETF Model Portfolio offerings, we specifically cater for differing investable amounts, client risk / age profiles and adviser implementation options in an ‘all in one’ suite of 18 models,” AltaVista Research head of research and corporate development Michael Turner said.

“Each product stream delivers an array of pure equity exposure, equity income and diversified portfolios with nominated minimum suggested investment amounts,” Mr Turner said.

AltaVista has seen demand from advisers seeking to develop their businesses and target a larger client type pool.

“The SAA models are designed across the client type matrix and structured to suit $20,000, $50,000 and $100,000-plus allocations,” he said.