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Macquarie launches new SIV funds

Macquarie has launched three new funds aimed at candidates for the Australian Significant Investor Visa program, in another sign of financial services' interest in the immigration scheme.

In a statement issued yesterday, Macquarie Specialist Investments (MSI) – a division of Macquarie Funds Group – announced it is broadening its SIV offering with three new funds.

The new funds – Conservative, Balanced and Growth – offer investors access to a diverse range of Australia-based asset classes including cash, fixed interest, listed property and equities. They complement two cash-only funds launched by Macquarie in 2013.

The suite of funds caters for diverse investor risk/return profiles by maintaining different investment allocations to the various asset classes.

Additionally, Macquarie offers SIV candidates the potential to protect and borrow against their investment, a feature that is unique to the market.

The launch of the funds follows recent changes to regulations that widen the scope of ‘complying investments’ that can be offered.

As a result of these changes, SIV candidates now have access to a greater range of Australian equity and fixed income investments.

“Investors showed strong interest in our two original SIV cash offerings, with close to $150 million either committed or in the pipeline,” MSI head Jason King said.

“The recent changes to regulations now allow us to cater to a much broader range of investor risk/return profiles,” Mr King said.