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Netwealth launches adviser mobile app

Netwealth has launched a mobile web application that will provide advisers and clients with individual or aggregated reporting on portfolio holdings and asset allocation and news.

The web application is device-agnostic, is now live and will operate on most smartphones and tablets and allow advisers to obtain client details. 

Netwealth has also announced a number of other initiatives for 2014, including a range of enhanced transactions including bulk trading and new model portfolio functionality. 

Netwealth executive director Matt Heine said the company was excited to be starting the year with so many enhancements across many areas of the product range.

“The new Netwealth mobile app is a big step for the business and an important part of our future development plans,” said Mr Heine.

“Advisers and consumers are increasingly using their phones or tablets to access important information and manage their wealth – we have worked hard to ensure that we delivered a great mobile experience and robust framework for future mobile developments.”