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FIIG and IRESS join forces on fixed income

Fixed income broker FIIG Securities has tied up with XPLAN parent company IRESS to provide financial advisers with a new information service with potential client benefits.

In a statement issued today, FIIG chief Mark Paton said the new service will give advisers access to instant information about their clients bond portfolios, and is available now.

“With this technology, professional advisers and their clients will gain access to a range of information on bonds and term deposits which they have long taken for granted with equities,” Mr Paton said.

“It is widely accepted that Australian investors are excessively overweight equities and need more exposure to fixed income investments such as corporate bonds, so it is very positive that Australia’s largest fixed income platform has removed another obstacle to fixed income investing.”

IRESS CEO Andrew Walsh said the move reflects the growing importance of fixed income investment for retail investors and financial planning clients.

“We recognise the growing importance of fixed-income investments to professional advisers and have taken the appropriate steps to ensure that IRESS offers the most comprehensive service in this area,” he said.