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AFA builds legal and accounting links

The Association of Financial Advisers is celebrating Christmas cheer with lawyers and accountants in a bid to foster stronger relationships with complementary professions.

The industry body sold out a Christmas event in South Australia on November 26 to 350 professionals from both the Young Lawyers: The Law Society of South Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.

“We believe each profession has expertise that is necessary for a seamless and successful advice process,” AFA state director of South Australia Dave Slovinec said.

“In order to deliver great advice to more Australians, we believe it is important that, as professionals, we all support each other and recognise the valuable role each of us plays.”

The AFA said that as a result of the event many members had already established strong, long-standing relationships with professionals in complementary industries.

“We had to move venues this year in order to accommodate a total of 350 professionals,” Mr Slovinec said.

“This is a great endorsement of the initiatives the AFA is taking to encourage strong relationships between complementary professions.”