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Boutique licensee launches accounting JV

An independently-owned financial planning dealer group is looking to recruit advisers for a new joint venture project with a Melbourne-based accounting industry body.

In an exclusive interview with ifa, Grant Scalmer, managing director of AFSL holder Risk and Investment Advisors Australia (RIAA), has announced the company is entering into a joint venture to provide licensing services to accountants under the new FOFA limited licence rules.

The JV will be a partnership with Melbourne-based organisation Best Practice, a mentoring program for accountants which previously was only available to Fortune 500 companies.

“We are extremely thrilled to link up with an organisation like Best Practice,” Mr Scalmer said. “It will offer a great opportunity to provide licensing services over 100 accountants that are part of the Best Practice program, and also provide JV and referral opportunities to our advisers.”

Mr Scalmer said RIAA is now in the market for financial advisers who may be suitable to take part in the JV and would welcome expressions of interest for involvement.

“Previously salaried advisers” looking to build business relationships with accountants may be appropriate for the available roles, Mr Scalmer said.