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EAM launches global tactical SMA on Praemium

Eastern Asset Management Ltd (EAM) has announced that it will be releasing its global tactical model on the Praemium SMA platform.

This global tactical model portfolio will use global tactical asset allocation and ASX listed exchange traded funds to generate absolute returns. The model will utilize a systematic trend-following program designed to capture long-term trends across all asset classes.

EAM’s CEO Andrew McKay stated that it was an exciting product launch for the company.

“The Global Tactical model provides advisers & clients with a ‘hedge fund-like’ absolute return strategy within the SMA space that broadens the investable universe for advisers beyond the normal long-only Australian equity model,” said Mr McKay.

“On top of all of the efficiency benefits of accessing investments via an SMA platform like Praemium's, it's cheaper, more transparent & more liquid than most competing funds so we expect it will have great appeal to forward thinking advisers & clients,” he added.

Other benefits of the model include global multi-asset exposure, low correlation to traditional asset classes and no shorting, leverage or use of derivatives.