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Genesys flags reasons for financial advice

AMP-aligned dealer group Genesys Wealth Advisers has outlined a compelling case for consumers to take up professional advice services, pointing to ten key reasons why an adviser is necessary.

In a blog post on the Humble Investors website, the dealer group says that financial advice can be the solution to peoples’ money woes.

“Most people worry about their finances and how this will impact their lifestyle on a daily basis,” the post says.

“Most of us have to deal with the daily issues such as paying the bills, paying for our children’s education, saving for the future or even finding a job when the job market is depressing.

“It can all seem a little overwhelming and it’s no wonder that people stress over money.The good news is that if you are willing to plan for your future, invest in yourself and work towards your goals, then your financial situation and lifestyle may look very different. This is where a financial adviser or financial coach can help. It will take time and effort; however, if you are committed to a long-term plan your financial future can be more secure and prepared for.”

Among the reasons listed are higher life expectancy rates, rising costs of raising children and education, the need to manage cash flow, enjoy retirement and ”leave a legacy”.