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TAL forms new customer-centric business unit

Life insurance group TAL has created a new business unit it says is designed to centralise its customer services functions and operations.

The unit will be headed up by an internal appointment with current TAL executive Penny Coates moving from the role of chief people and culture officer to take on the role of chief customer service and operations officer.

“We are consolidating our service platforms and operations from across existing business divisions,” Ms Coates said in a statement.

“This will bring focus, efficiency and greater responsiveness to all parts of our business so we can deliver the services business partners and customers want, when and how they want it.”

TAL’s new strategy revolved around moving away from a “transactional approach” to building “meaningful relationships with customers based on a deep understanding of their needs throughout their life stages,” she said.

TAL group chief executive and managing director Jim Minto said the transformation in TAL’s operating model to realign its business systems, processes and culture around our customers “will allow TAL to continue to meet the emerging challenges of today and the future.”