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Tech-scared advisers haven’t missed the boat

Advisers who are nervous that it’s “too late” to get onto social media haven’t missed the boat, according to business consultant Sue Viskovic.

The Elixir Consulting managing director told ifa that many advisers are worried that if they haven’t yet engaged with social media, then it may now be too late to do so.

However, she despite the increasing uptake of the financial services industry in the online sector, there is still room for other planners to get involved.

“I don’t think financial planners need to get too caught up in worrying about everyone else who is doing this and thinking they’re going to be just one of many,” Ms Viskovic said.

“There are going to be specific things that people will engage with, so don’t be fearful at all- ‘I’ve been reading about social media and haven’t gone near it, I’m too late there are too many other advisers- because it’s not the case.”

“People will still engage with you and your area of expertise.”

Viskovic said those online sites are often the first point of call for prospective clients even if they have been referred an adviser by someone else.


She said that it’s important for advisers to have an online presence as it suggests a sense of legitimacy for the business.

“It really is to the point now where if an adviser doesn’t have an online presence, doesn’t have an online website, and doesn’t even have a reference on LinkedIn, then people won’t engage,” Viskovic said.

“If they have none of that people nowadays will just think they’re not a legitimate business, because how could you be, if you’re not online.”