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YBR product rating increases

Yellow Brick Road (YBR) has announced its Smarter Money fund has had its rating lifted, assuring its “credibility” with financial advisers.

YBR’s Smarter Money active cash fund has had its investment rating lifted by Atchison Consultants from ‘Investment Grade’ to ‘Recommended’, according to the announcement.

After 12 months of the fund being “in force,” the upgrade of the risk rating gives the fund a “track record”, according to Mr Lawler.

“It gives [the fund] a lot more credibility and it means that in the 12 months it’s been around the fund has delivered [what] it said it would... which is really important for investors and financial advisers alike,” he told ifa.

Since its launch approximately one year ago, Smarter Money has returned between 7.5 per cent and 7.8 per cent per annum after all fees, depending on the unit class, according to YBR.

According to Atchison Consultants, the ‘Recommended’ rating indicates the fund has consistently outperformed the median manager.