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PIPA targets adviser membership

The Property Investment Professionals’ Association has called on financial advisers to join the organisation, saying the industry increasingly plays an important role in the property space.

Speaking to ifa, PIPA chair Ben Kingsley said the make up of the organisation’s membership base should reflect the reality of professional property investment services.

“There are many different types of professionals operating in the property investment space from mortgage brokers to estate agents and buyers agents to accountants, and increasingly financial planners have an important role to play within that space,” he said.

“While many are not specifically qualified to provide property investment advice, we find that many are in the market place that do have good and valuable knowledge around property that we would like to see join our membership.

“We think this would create value for them as well as for consumers.”

Kingsley said advisers are important in helping consumers put plans and structures in place to help them invest in property.

“Many planners are moving away from traditional retail funds and structures, and property is an attractive asset class for Australian consumers so there is opportunity there.”

PIPA membership is in line with the convergence of industries including accounting, financial planning and mortgage broking, Kingsley said, bringing members of these various and sometimes conflicting professions together around a common asset class of interest.