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Advisers tongue-tied by industry jargon

Advisers who focus on emotionally interacting with clients will have a better success rate, according to new research from the United States. 

Research conducted by the US-based i-Impact Group found that Australian financial advisers are hindering their own client engagement by getting tied up in industry jargon and failing to engage with their audiences.

“The most important task must be performed by the adviser: connect to his/her audience in an emotionally engaging manner,” said i-Impact Group president Claudio Pannunzio.

“During a presentation, just stating the facts could actually increase the risk of losing the audience.”

Pannunzio said that many financial advisers invest a great deal of time and resources on client presentations, but fail to properly interact with clients.

He added that even when dispensing statistics to clients or prospective customers, advisers should add anecdotes or short stories to keep listeners engaged with the message.

“While the scope of emotional power is to stimulate an audience’s imagination, intellectual power should be used to pique listeners’ interest by using reasoned arguments and backing them up with data,” Pannunzio said.

He added that while advisers are knowledgeable, many make the mistake of using industry jargon and acronyms when speaking with a client.

Pannunzio said it is important that advisers simplify their language to get their message across clearly.