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Planner interest in property rising

A property investment company has identified increasing interest in the asset class from financial planners and raised the possibility of an emerging referral model.

Queensland-based Acuity Property Solutions says it is seeing more planners looking to add direct property to their advice offering, off the back of some successful case studies.

“We are seeing lots of interest from financial planners,” Acuity investment division manager Greg Holland told ifa.

“We are currently working with quite a few financial planning practices and are looking to grow that,” he said. “These practices have very successfully incorporated property into their business.”

Holland said diversification and the need for specialised advice were the drivers behind the uptick in property interest.

“Many clients are interested in property but with all of the real estate licensing issues and complexities of the property sector, most planners are not really qualified to provide advice on property investment,” he said. “We provide planners with a wide range of property options and some actual research as well, which appeals to them.”

Financial planners have in the past sought relationships directly with property developers but have begun to realise that property investment companies may better suit their referral needs, Holland said.

“Developers are realising that developers are restricted in the properties they can offer, which is not necessarily in the best interests of their clients,” he said.

“We think there is a big opportunity here for planners and specialised property investment companies to work together.”