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Young advisers should ‘voice opinions’

A non-institutional dealer group has introduced mentoring workshops for its young advisers, encouraging them to take a stance and be more vocal.

Leading up to the NextGen conference, Synchron has introduced a series of mentoring workshops in Australia’s major cities.

The workshops give advisers under 40 the chance to speak to Synchron’s state managers and directors. They are held between the annual NextGen conferences, Michael Harrison, independent chair of Synchron and creator of the NextGen program, told ifa.

“We encourage [advisers] to talk about issues they have in business and legislation, how we can help them and how they can help each other,” he said.

“We want experienced, ethical and practical advisers who understand their products, compliance and the importance of dealing with people and helping them achieve their own financial objectives.”

Harrison said he finds that after these workshops younger advisers are more prepared to express their concerns.

“Some will be more aggressive in challenging the norm than others will. But at least they will have the information at hand about how to address their issues,” he said.


The workshops also encourage younger advisers to learn from their older colleagues in a way that they can’t do on a day-to-day basis, Harrison said.

“It is also designed so older advisers have a succession program – so that they have new people coming up to buy their business. It gives experienced advisers an exit program," he explained.

Sarah Reigelhuth and Finn Kelly of Wealth Enhancers, who have been confirmed as delegates for the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance Summit in Russia, are graduates of Synchron’s NextGen program.