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Prescott seeks expansion in the New Year

The financial planning and stockbroking firm Prescott Securities intends to press on with its expansion plans in 2013 as part of the firm's national growth strategy.

"Over the next few years Prescott will continue to build its client base in South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory as we embark on the next stage of our national growth strategy," Prescott general manager Andrew Sterzl said.

"This growth will occur as a result of our commitment to our clients and the outcomes we deliver."
In March of this year, Prescott announced plans to set up an office in Darwin and to expand further regionally, particularly throughout Victoria and the Gold Coast.

The firm also saw further expansion in November to become the national hub of stockbroking services for WHK.

Prescott has said furthering the reach of this stockbroking services contract will be a focus for the firm throughout the New Year.

"One of our key goals for 2013 will be on rolling out our stockbroking services to over 100 advisers throughout the WHK Group," Mr Sterzl said.

"The move will see Prescott Securities increase its stockbroking activities by 300 per cent and embark on a recruitment drive to meet forecast demand for its services."


Prescott said 2013 will be a year of change for the financial services industry as a whole with the government's Future of Financial Advice (FOFA) reforms becoming mandatory, however the firm believes it is well prepared.

"With FOFA there will be a requirement to always give advice with the client's best interest in mind," Mr Sterzl said.

"As a non-aligned financial services business that has operated on an advice basis since inception, we will simply continue to do what we have always done."