Gender quotas are immoral
Jonathan Hoyle, Stanford Brown
A finer grain approach to advice
Stephen Mitchell, Bill Butler
Client data is more secure when outsourced
Jayesh Kasim, Valenta BPO
Outsourcing puts client data at risk
Kris Kitto, Superfund Wholesale
The lowdown on PI insurance
Terry McMaster, Dover Financial Advisers
The bastardisation of managed accounts
Santi Burridge, Implemented Portfolios
Lessons from London
John de Zwart, Centrepoint Alliance
Goals-based advice is not a ‘fad’
Matthew Walker, AGBA
A game-changer for financial advisers
Matt Harrison, Colonial First State
All remuneration is conflicted
Robert Coyte, Shartru Wealth
The succession questions
Peter Fysh, Financial Planning & Succession
Not all beer and skittles
Phil Davies, Liquidity Independent Advisers
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