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LinkedIn linked to lead generation

Advisers who don’t log on to social media could be missing opportunities with high net worth clients, according to a US social media expert.

Citing evidence from a joint study by Cogent Research and LinkedIn, i-Impact Group founder Claudio Pannunzio said 63 per cent of mass affluent consumers take action after using social media to learn about financial products.

However, research found that only 4 per cent are currently interacting with their financial adviser, which Pannunzio said represents a huge opportunity for financial advisers.

“LinkedIn groups, especially those founded on personal finance and investments, provide a great opportunity for advisers to reach out to affluent and high net worth prospects,” Pannunzio said.

“Although it is not carved in stone that every tip or guidance you provide will turn into a new client, the goal of advisers should be to establish a system of value exchanges with group members, and that will significantly increase the odds of generating leads.”

Pannunzio said that while interaction is important, advisers need to ensure they are engaging prospective clients over social media, rather than just providing information.

He said it is important that advisers use content marketing to bring a “call to action” to contacts and position themselves as a trusted advice source.


“Effectual marketing content causes audiences to pause, read and get engaged,” Pannunzio said.

“This in turn will compel them to act on the adviser’s call to action, seek their services, and eventually reward them with their business.”