Former iPac adviser seeks feedback on start-up idea

A former iPac financial planner has created a survey for advisers designed to collect feedback on new investment technology.

John Wakim said he will use the feedback to create Invest2Donate, a platform that will enable investors to allocate a part of their investment income to a mix of chosen charities. It will also record the donations for tax purposes.

Mr Wakim said the current system of giving to charity is broken.

"People are being bombarded with expensive mail-outs, phone calls and emails," he said.

"The proposed platform will let investors plan their giving ahead of being asked, using part of their regular income from investments, including allocated pensions, as a new source of recurring donations for those causes clients wish to support."

Mr Wakim said his aim is "purely philanthropic" and Invest2Donate will be a not-for-profit. He added that it is also an effort to change the public's perception of financial advice.

"We are all looking for ways of raising the public's awareness of the benefits of good advice. This achieves that goal, as well as creates a new, recurring income stream for charities," he said.

"Here's an innovation that enables advisers to connect their clients to the causes they believe in, thereby creating a direct route for money to flow through from their investments to their selected charities."

Advisers interested in taking the survey can find it here.

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