Managing your clients investment property


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Managing your clients investment property


Find out how understanding depreciation can help

As a Property Manager you’re generally responsible for successfully managing one of the largest investments made for thousands of Australian property investors.

Being a successful Property Manager means that you need to balance the needs of both the tenant and landlord, both of whom can have conflicting views and make your work challenging.

Through using your depreciation knowledge, you can help maintain the bridge between tenant and investor and ensure this is a successful, ongoing relationship.

Two of the ways that understanding the benefits of depreciation can help you include:

  1. On behalf of your tenant: Use the BMT Resi Rates app to help build your case for a dishwasher installation in a property.
  2. On behalf of your landlord: Saving your landlords money through advising them to have a depreciation schedule completed on their property

Understanding the real value of depreciation is an asset to a Property Manager and can set you apart from the competition.

We’ve created the following training style video to provide some ideas on how you can introduce and discuss depreciation with your clients below.

For more information on the other complimentary tools and resources we can provide please visit our Tools for you.

Managing your clients investment property
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