Stuart Ayling, Managing Director, Marketing Nous

Stuart Ayling is Managing Director at Marketing Nous, a sales performance improvement consultancy. He is degree qualified in Marketing, holds a graduate certification in International Business, and has also lectured at the internationally recognised University of Queensland Business School in both Personal Selling and Marketing subjects.

For the last 15 years Stuart has been operating his own advisory and training business with a focus on expertise-based companies in fields such as finance, engineering, law and technology. His clients are spread across Australia and internationally including Gulf Investment Corporation (Kuwait), Bateman Engineering, Accenture and a variety of national and local businesses who employ technically trained professionals with sales responsibilities.

Through his personal experience in sales roles, his close work with client teams, his ongoing study of effective sales communication techniques, and having to sell his own services in his own business, Stuart has a deep understanding of the personal challenges professionals face in undertaking sales conversations and can provide practical insights and actionable tips to improve sales performance.