Industry Thought Leader of the Year

Category Description

This professional or executive is able to clearly articulate the desired direction of the industry and draw upon best practice from other relevant industries and markets to champion growth and development of the sector.

The recipient of this award will personify business leadership, be entrepreneurial and committed to the independent advice sector, plus be a public advocate for independent advice. They will also support the growth of new industry entrants as well as the delivery of training, education and mentoring.

This is an individual award that is open to any financial advice professional, non-aligned licensee or relevant service provider, and is based on activities during the period from 1 January 2016 to 31 December 2016.

Assessment Criteria
Submissions will be judged on their responses to the following:

  1. Highlight your leadership role in the industry and why you have attained that position.
  2. Outline why you have taken on this role.
  3. Detail the biggest issues currently facing the development of the independent advice sector and your plans to alleviate/capitalise on these.
  4. Demonstrate how you have driven innovation in independent advice and how you have motivated the development of this industry sector.
  5. Provide case studies or examples that showcase your innovative ideas and how you translate them into action.
  6. Evidence any financial or business metrics and/or statements with supporting documentation, including audited statements, third party independent data reports or client/partner endorsements and testimonials.

Lodging your submission

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Industry Thought Leader of the Year
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