Jonathan Elliot

Managing Director | Collins SBA

Jonathan is Managing Director of Collins SBA, an innovative team of Financial Advisers and Accountants who empower their clients to make and implement confident financial decisions.

Among the many accolades Collins SBA has received for innovation, client service and being a great place to work, Jonathan was awarded the highly coveted Independent Financial Adviser (IFA) Excellence Awards - Practice Principal of the Year 2017.

"In 1998 I was completing my BCom at the University of Tasmania and I recognised that through all my years of education I really hadn’t learnt much about personal money management. So I commenced studying financial planning and this sparked my desire to pursue a career where I could continue learning whilst helping others achieve financial clarity and certainty. 20 years later I lead our team and am hugely proud of the impact we have on people’s lives every day.

Financial advice, like many professions and industries, is challenging from a leader's perspective. Regulations, compliance, changing consumer preferences and technology are having a profound impact on how we operate our business and serve our clients. To meet these challenges and, more importantly, to take Collins SBA from good to great, I believe a motivated and empowered team of people is the secret sauce.
In February 2017, we introduced a 5-Hour Day for our team. We told our whole team to work less with no change to remuneration and expectations for delivering outcomes. Finding ways to be more effective was the objective and a greater life balance the reward.”

In his session, Jonathan will share the Collins SBA 5-Hour Day journey with you.