Garret Norris

Managing Director | Healthy Business Builder Group

Garret is a highly effective business engineer who has a proven track record in working on businesses
to improve aspects such as gross margin and revenue, horizontal and vertical marketplace
penetration, pipeline development and management as well as disciplined staff and management

He started his work life in the hospitality industry in the UK, moving to sales and management with
Financial Modeling International (FMI) and then became the Sales Director of the training division of
Computerland UK.

He was then approached by the Mouse Training Company (MTC) and, after moving to Australia, was
engaged by Pinpoint to set up the sales and marketing of their employee benefits.
Finally, Garret worked for The Marketing Department, which was acquired by Crossmark in 2009,
before starting his own business in 2013, the HBB Group.

The HBB Group is comprised of four different companies: the KONA Group, Healthy Business Builder, Business Coaches Sydney and Sparkle Training.

Garret also has a Master of Business Administration, he is a certified behavioural analyst, certified
motivators analyst, certified emotional quotient analyst and brings with him extensive skills in sales,
marketing, negotiation as well as people and contract management.

He remains dedicated as ever to use his training and real-life business experience to meet his passion
to see business’ succeed through disciplined management, creative marketing and committed client