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Deena Janes

Managing Director
Your Client Matters

Deena is a regular presenter and key note speaker at aggregation, dealer group and industry professional development days sharing her knowledge and marketing strategies with over 1,000 business owners in the finance industry every year.
Deena and her team, through the YCM marketing program, has helped finance businesses over the last 15 years survive the GFC, survive and grow through the endless and constant changes in the finance, online AND marketing world - regulation, compliance, digital and social marketing, online lending and competition with peers, lenders, industry associates such as financial planners, accountants and Real Estate agents.
From the YCM research and results, Deena believes that for any business wanting to retain and continue business growth, you need a planned, multi-layered, communication and engagement strategy with your clients for long term business success.
Deena and the YCM team are just like your clients. They have all experienced the good and the bad of dealing with finance professionals. This experience allows YCM to deliver professional, educational program directly to your clients and your prospects.
This, and holding your hand through your marketing journey is what separates YCM from the others when it comes to marketing communication for the finance industry.
If you care about your clients, their financial education and YOUR business results, you need Your Client Matters.

Because, after all…. Your Clients matter.