DomaCom Australia Limited AFSL 444365 is the owner and operator of the DomaCom Fund platform

Through licensed financial advisers the platform offers strategic investment opportunities to SMSFs and other investors across a range of assets including residential property embracing including Rent-to-Own, affordable and disability housing, commercial, rural farmland, renewable energy, developments and land banking.

DomaCom’s unique structure enables advisers to offer both growth and income to equity and debt investors with first mortgage security. The fractional structure also accommodates the retiree market through a Seniors Equity Release product.

The structure and breadth of investment options in the DomaCom Fund gives advisers a strategic advantage in the intergenerational marketplace with wealth accumulators, income investors, millennials, and seniors.

Investments in the DomaCom platform are facilitated in the DomaCom Fund ARSN 167 020 626 (Fund), a licensed managed Investment scheme registered with ASIC. The trustee and responsible entity of the Fund is Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd AFSL 4282189, a part of MSC Group.