The Association of Independently Owned Financial Professionals [AIOFP] was registered in 1998 by a group of independently owned Advisers to differentiate their practices in an institutionally dominated market place. To be a member the practice must not have any institutional ownership, be of good fame and operate its own AFSL. The AIOFP now also accepts individual members under these conditions.
AIOFP’s founding objective was to protect and promote the interests of members and their clients without fear or favour, we have and always will act in our members best interests. AIOFP’s point of difference to other market options is its members, Board and management are all from the independently owned sector - we are not influenced or dictated to by other agendas or factions in our membership.
The AIOFP are pleased that ASIC has recently recognised the role AIOFP and its members play by allowing our members to display the AIOFP logo on promotional material subject to a suitable disclaimer.
AIOFP is the largest Association representing the Independently owned sector with over 3,000 advisers in its membership.